Uganda Volunteering Safari

We work with different organizations promoting healthcare, education, development and other programs to find befitting placings for our guests.

This volunteer experience in Uganda offers a unique opportunity for a tourist to leave a mark on their travel to Africa. Participants will volunteer in areas such as youth support, women projects, education, medical care and skills development.

During the week you will volunteer at the project for between 3 to 5 hours and spend the rest of your time interacting with the local Ugandan people and discovering the local Ugandan geography, history and culture. Guests will also contribute to the local Ugandan economy by supporting local shops and restaurants and lodging in accommodations owned by local Ugandan people.


Why you should volunteer on tour in Uganda

For many, the highlight of their Uganda volunteering Safari is the chance to get involved locally and lend a hand on a volunteering project. We partner with inspiring, community-based non-profits projects in Uganda that welcome travelers to help with both social and environmental efforts.

Embarking on a Uganda volunteer safari allows you to experience two sides of a fascinating continent of Africa – its local very friendly people and its world-renowned safari and tour offerings.


How You Can Help



Assist with wildlife counts

Accompany rangers on their monitoring patrols

Teach lessons about the environment in local elementary and high schools

Planting trees to help reforestation efforts in Uganda




  • Participate in health outreach events and clinics in Uganda
  • Assist the doctor at a local health clinic
  • Help with infant check-ups and immunizations
  • Record patient data in medical files
  • Assist with the dispensation of medicine at the pharmacy
  • Give health talks in local elementary and high schools in Uganda – possible topics include HIV/AIDS, puberty, hygiene, balanced diet, and substance abuse.


Teach guest lessons at a local elementary and or high school in the subject of your choice (English, math, science, or social studies)

Assist the running sports and extracurricular activities

Help the teachers to prepare lessons, worksheets, and PowerPoint presentations



We appreciate your specific skills and talents.  Let us know about your skills and exact interests, so we can put them to use in Africa in the best possible way.

Are you an artist?  Paint a mural at a local school or health clinic.

Are you a botanist?  Assist the Uganda conservation team with rangeland monitoring.

Are you a photographer?  Take pictures for our website and social media platforms.

Are you a blogger?  Write about your Uganda volunteer experiences on our website.


Lush Africa Safaris tour guides are very experienced and will make you feel at home wherever you go. By the time you complete your voluntourism safari, you will look at Uganda as your second home, and – most importantly – you will leave your footprint in Uganda.

Lush Africa Safaris puts together a customized Uganda volunteering safari itinerary just for you, based on your dates and interests.

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